Training Sword pre-order deposit

Training Sword pre-order deposit

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We have a big order of swords from Landsknecht Emporium. These are all blunt training swords.

As always, most of these are newer versions of the weapons we have ordered before. If you are uncertain about anything,please ask the Hauptmann.

Students who wish to custom order or reserve a particular sword must pay a deposit.

Estimated final prices are listed, but are susceptible to change based on cost of shipping, import duties etc. If the final price is unacceptable, your deposit will be refunded. I have estimated slightly high so that hopefully any surprises will be good ones.

  • Light Federchwert or Arming sword: deposit $200, estimated final price $325 plus hst.
  • Medium Federschwert: Deposit $250, estimated final price $375
  • Heavy Federschwert or Longsword: deposit $300, estimated final price $450-500 depending on model
  • Grossemesser: deposit $250, estimated final price $400-450 depending on model 

 This is a pre-order. Expect delivery in February