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Longsword Class, Ottawa Swordplay At Ottawa Swordplay, we offer a variety of classes for adults, kids and teens. We teach from the Liechtenauer tradition of historical European martial arts, the central weapon being the Longsword. Johannes Liechtenauer unified and systematized the fighting arts of his time, so that it could be adapted to any weapon or situation.
Novices at Ottawa Swordplay begin with the Longsword (sword in two hands), which is the core weapon of Liechtenauer's art. As students progress, we add wrestling and dagger, grossemesser or single sword, sword and buckler, rapier, hafted weapons and armoured combat.

 Class Descriptions – Novice and Intermediate Classes

Novice: Intro to Longsword
Novice students will be introduced to the basic techniques of the German Longsword. The Longsword is the central weapon in Liechtenauer’s art. It was a sword intended to be used with two hands. Our Longsword classes focus on blossfechten, or unarmoured combat, based on the 1452 von Danzig Fechtbuch (Fight Book or Manuscript).Novice classes are 12 weeks in length, students will perform a skills demonstration on the 12th week.Students may register for Novice classes:

Once a week for 10 weeks: $199.12
Twice a week for 10 weeks: $338.51

    Core Longsword: Medieval Combat Skills Development
    Students who have completed the Novice Program will develop their skills through our flexible rank structure. Using the Longsword as the core of our system, students may focus on other weapons while developing their skills. Classes include specific development for Longsword, Grossemesser, Dagger, Wrestling, Spear and Hafted Weapons, Rapier, Sword and Buckler, and Armoured Combat. Students will also participate in our fitness program, designed to reduce the risk of strain and develop strength for swordplay. Core Swordplay students are invited to develop their skills and act as training partners during the novice classes. Freeplay sessions are 30 minutes at the end of class.

    • Once a week for 10 weeks: $265.49
    • Twice a week for 10 weeks: $451.33

    Open to All Ranks

    Fight Night
    Fight night is open to all ranks every other Friday from 8-10 pm. Rank Skill Demonstration (testing) for all ranks except for Novice are during the Fight Night. Please use the booking system to register in advance for the fight night. All-Access students attend Fight Night for free!

    • Drop in fee is $4.42 for members and $8.85 for non-members
    Young Knights & Warrior Princesses

    Young Knights and Warrior Princesses is open to youth aged 8-15 years and will cover material from the Novice and Schranckhut programs. The pace is age-appropriate and a variety of skill-building games are integral to the program. Students may move into adult classes when they are ready. Open to both boys and girls.

    • Once a week for 10 weeks: $199.12