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Our facility is closed but you can still register for an online membership and get access to livestreamed classes and other exclusive content!

All classes and events at Ottawa Swordplay are cancelled, and our Sword Hall is closed until further notice.

Updates will be posted on our News Page.


The Longsword, or sword in two hands, is the core of Johannes Liechtenauer's combat system. All students of Ottawa Swordplay must complete a novice longsword course before registering for any other weapon courses.

Our longsword curriculum is based on research and interpretation of primary sources. Our core source is the Jud Lew Fechtbuch, closely supported by the Ringeck and Von Danzig manuscripts.

We offer three longsword courses:
- Novice longsword introduces our basic system for new students.
- Technical Foundations is for students who have completed the novice program and focuses on teaching the techniques of the system
- Tactical Development is for students who have a good grasp of many techniques and want to develop their tactical approach to Swordplay.

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No Experience Needed!
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Tuesdays   Wednesdays


Technical Foundations

Schranckhut Rank and above.
Intermediate 1

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Tactical Development

Eisenpfort Rank or above.
Intermediate 2/Advanced

Registration information coming soon!

This class is for students age 8-15. Note that students aged 13+ who prefer to may register for our adult programs.

Young Knights and Warrior Princesses will learn techniques for spear, sword, and dagger, focusing on how medieval knights fought in armour. No real armour needed!

Technical instruction will be mixed with games that support fundamental physical movements, and activities will move quickly to keep everyone engaged.

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Ages 8-15

Tuesdays   Saturdays

young Knights

Women's Longsword

While we welcome students of any gender in our programs, we also understand that for many women, it is easier to learn a physical skill in a women-only environment.

Our Women's Longsword program uses the same curriculum as our general Longsword courses. Our instructors adjust the content to the students in class, so the program is suitable for novice and intermediate level students.

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Our Single Sword course covers techniques for Grossemesser, Arming Sword, and Sword and Buckler. The Grossemesser  (big knife) is a weapon that was popular in medieval Germany. It is similar to a falchion, and is functionally nearly identical to a sword for one hand. Within the system we train at Ottawa Swordplay, the grossemesser and arming sword are considered interchangeable. Either weapon was often used in conjunction with a buckler, a small shield that could be carried easily.

Participants must have completed a Novice Longsword program.

Single Sword

Dagger & Ringen

Ringen (wrestling) is an integral part of the combat system we teach. This particularly clear in the material on fighting with (or defending against) daggers. Of course, wrestling without weapons was also a popular sport and martial art.

Our Ringen and Dagger program teaches material drawn from our primary sources associated with Liechtenauer's combat system.

Participants must have completed our Ringen Introductory workshop or the equivalent.

While we have some information on medieval fitness routines, this program is intended for modern HEMA practitioners. We are offering a one hour circuit training program designed to improve your performance for our combat arts!

This program is available on a drop-in basis or as a full course.

This course is free for Scholar, Patron, or Duke level members. Registration includes both Wednesdays and Sundays!

HEMA Conditioning

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