Craig Shackleton, Hauptmann

See Craig in action here on CTV Regional Contact, or read the article at Metro News: Swordfighting school takes martial arts medieval.  Craig is also featured on CBC’s In Town and Out

     Craig has been researching and training in medieval European combat since 1997. In 2000, he founded the organization which eventually became Ottawa Swordplay, with himself as head instructor and benevolent dictator. Craig doesn’t really believe that there is anyone who doesn’t want to learn swordplay, and nothing in the world makes him happier than getting hit by one of his students with a technique that he taught them. Most of Craig’s early sword training came from Scott Nichols, now of Peterborough Fencing Club. Craig is also certified as a community fencing coach, and an actor combatant.

    Craig has worked teaching adults and children in various settings since 1983. He has taken many leadership and training workshops, and worked as a tour guide for Haunted Walks Inc. Craig has a degree in Classical History, and a life-long love for all history. In addition to being a tour guide he researched the original stories and historical information for Kingston’s Haunted Walk. Craig is trained and maintains certification in first aid and CPR.

John Enzinas, Unterhauptmann

    John began learning swordplay when he joined the fencing club at his university. Since then he has gone on to study as many different aspects of the art as he can. He has been a member of Ottawa Swordplay since it’s early days and has spent much of the time since joining being the anvil on which Craig tests his techniques. In addition to western martial arts, John also studies Aikido and Kickboxing and wishes he could find the time to learn more.



Beatrix Shackleton, Warner

Beatrix Shackleton

Beatrix has been studying swordplay for over half her life. She currently teaches both youth and novice classes. Beatrix enjoys studying history,and creating art. She is a member of the Bytown Museum Youth Council, and an active member of Girl Guides. Beatrix has done leadership training through various organizations, and has her Bronze Cross certification. At 16, she is our youngest instructor.


Sam Nankivell, Warner

Sam has studied German Swordplay in Austria, and was a student of Ottawa Swordplay in his youth. He is currently taking his B.Ed. at Ottawa University. Sam has always had a passion for history, and plans to teach it to middle schoolers, among other subjects.

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