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Fencing Mask

As a novice student of Ottawa Swordplay, you are required to have a fencing mask. Any modern fencing mask in good condition is appropriate.


Clothes you are comfortable doing physical activities in, clean athletic shoes, groin protection (men only, required for freeplay).


We will provide wooden swords for Novices to use. However they may wish to purchase their own synthetic sword. The advantage of the synthetic sword is that it can continue to be used as an intermediate student, and in freeplay. Wooden swords are only suitable for the novice classes. Information about synthetic swords is provided below

Intermediate Students

Intermediate students are required to have their own synthetic training sword or an approved steel sword.

Synthetic Swords 

Ottawa Swordplay has a better quality synthetic sword with a steel cross guard and pommel and a “federschwert” style blade. We currently stock Purpleheart Armouries Type III Federschwert Longsword for $185.84 plus tax ($210)

We also keep a budget synthetic training swords in stock for $128.32 plus tax ($145). They are the Rawlings Red Dragons Synthetic Longsword

If you wish to purchase a different synthetic sword, the following are approved for use at Ottawa Swordplay. Any others must be approved by the Hauptmann.

Purpleheart Armouries Type III Penti Longsword

Blackfencer Synthetic Longsword

Blackfencer Synthetic Federschwert

Arming Swords and Grossemessers

Students taking Eisenpfort and higher ranked classes must have their own arming sword or grossemesser. If you have any questions, speak with the Hauptmann


Young Knights and Warrior Princesses

Youth students must have their own fencing mask (see above). We are currently providing the foam swords for youth classes.

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