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  • Novice Longsword. This 9 week course introduces the basic techniques and principles of the sword in two hands. The Longsword is the central weapon in Liechtenauer’s art.


Ottawa Swordplay is dedicated to researching and teaching historical European martial arts, especially swordplay. We focus particularly on German sources, ranging from Royal Armouries MS I.33 “The Walpurgis Fechtbuch” from around 1320 CE, to various manuscripts of the Liechtenauer tradition, as late as Joachim Meyer’s 1570 Magnum Opus “The Art of Combat.”
Historical European martial arts are gaining popularity around the world, and with increased access to original manuscripts and improved networking between instructors, more information on these sophisticated combat systems is constantly coming back into the light. The medieval warrior, whether a knight or a common soldier, depended on these skills for survival, and their systems and training were as thorough and elegant as any modern martial art.

At Ottawa Swordplay, we train and teach techniques for longsword, rapier, sword and buckler, pollaxe, spear, dagger, grappling, and a uniquely German weapon called a grossemesser (“big knife”). We run programs for adults and for children, and offer flexible programming and scheduling.

The Sword Hall is located at 1000 Brookfield Road, in the former Gabrielle Roy school.

Entrance is at the front of the building – west side. Parking and a second entrance are at the rear of the building.


For more information, contact Craig@ottawaswordplay.com

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